We have 40 children included in the program, 8 of them are in secondary schools. We pay their school fees, uniform,  shoe and other needs

We want to build a SOCIAL CENTER for the elderly so they may have a meeting space for ssocial intergration and workshops

We want to help the Nyang'inja school hire 4 more teachers to be able to achieve quality education, 

We want to help the school aquire enough class rooms and improve the condition of the exsisting ones.                       HELP US TO HELP THEM





Month of May 2020 

Fundraising to help Katuk village to deal with preventiom against Covid-19. We plan to donate to the 40 families who takes care of the children hygien items e.g. 1 piece metalic stand, 1piece water container with tap and 1 piece 500g bars of habnd washing soap


During the months of March 2020 to date 

All school in kenya are closed due to covid-19 epidemic.


Month of June 2020

we will statrt the renovation work and supplie of furniture to Nyanginja school using the funds granted by catalan funds for international cooperation. through the City Hall of Sant Pere de Ribes in Barcelona  Spain.

Thanks to the Mayor and the counselors of the city of Sant Pere de Ribes