We have 47 children included in the program, 8 of them are in secondary schools. We pay their school fees, uniform, shoe, and other needs

We want to build a SOCIAL CENTER for the elderly so they may have a meeting space for social integration, workshops and a dispensary.

We want to help the Nyang'inja school hire 4 more teachers to be able to achieve quality education, 

We want to help the school acquire enough classrooms and fully improve the condition of the existing ones.   HELP US TO HELP THEM

Associació Dignity.cat Sant Pere de Ribes

ASSOCIACIO DIGNITY.CAT ID: 14711017Q-1  N.I.F G66958695 C/ de Pep Ventura, 55 esc E 3 2, Sant Pere de Ribes (08810) BARCELONA Tf: 930195990 https://www.dignity.cat 

Vida digna per la Gent gran i nens a Kenya

 Our Motto

Together for a noble cause
 Our Mission

Dignity for all.
 Our Vision 
To create an enlightened society in which Elderly People feel secure, confident and valued, and can live with dignity, embracing social values, supporting education for all and assumes ownership of their local education system. 

We shall endeavour to:

1. To help create a society where Elderly People has driven away the "Empty Nest" syndrome, living with a sense of security of life and dignity in a healthy environment. To create a society where all are engaged in social work and are taking part on the development of the village and finally passing the talent, tradition, and culture to next generation 
2. To help create a society where young generations have right and equal opportunity to education irrespective of their sex, economic status or family background whatsoever. 
3. To help create or improve local schools where the education systems and facilities are modern, sufficient and are owned and fully supported by the local community.

Associació DIGNITY.CAT is a none profit making NGO (Non Governmental Organization) working with vulnerable aged persons and children on education and social welfare projects. It is registered in Barcelona Spain.  It works with Spanish local municipal social entities, the city Hall of Sant Pere de Ribes and its local Affiliate (Dignity Katuk CBO) a local NGO at programme sites in Katuk, a remote rural village in Kenya.